Beauté de Porcelaine is first of all a k-beauty blog, but interested in asian cosmetics and beauty trends, no matter if they are korean, japanese, taïwanese ou thai cosmetics!

I fell in love with Asia when I was a little girl and few years ago, I decided to furfill my dream and to travel there. During my trip, I discovered addictive asian cosmetics and amazing beauty rituals and never stopped to use them!

My nickname « beauty of porcelain » is dedicated to all these asian beauties that I met during my trip, who always wanted to keep their skin pale, glowing with rosy cheeks like porcelain dolls :)

I’m also writter for Tchintcha.com, a korean « hallyu » informative website. From time to time, I also give conferences about the korean beauty industry.


Skin type and concerns

  • Skin type : sensitive, reactive, fine and dehydrated. I’ve got a few clogged pores and sebum on the nose, so you can say that I’ve a combination skin.
  • Skin concerns : hydration is my main goal, but I’m really looking for brightening and AHA exfoliating products, to prevent my skin from dullness and aging.
  • Skin color : my skin is really fair and rosy, so I have to use #11, N02 (light beige), #14 (rosy beige) or sometimes W13 and #21 (depending on brands and collections).  I never get sun-tanned and I don’t want to be, so I’m using aSPF50 PA+++ sun block everyday.
  • Eyes : blue and sensitive
  • Hair : natural blond, fine hair with lack of hydration concerns and oily scalp.